How to Measure Success on Social Media

By Adam  |  29 Sep 2016 12:00:00

The hands of somebody doing social media.

Social media marketing can be a really good way to drive traffic to your eCommerce site and can really help in terms of brand awareness and lots of other things too. The problem is that social media marketing doesn't always directly turn into conversions, which causes some people to incorrectly assume that it is not a very valuable or that their campaigns have not been sucessful. In today's blog post I would like to talk a little about how you can measure success on your eCommerce website.


Basically, the best way to measure the success of social media marketing is just to see how many people you are reaching, how much positive interaction you are getting and how many click throughs you get. You see, even if somebody just sees something you share and doesn't engage in any way, then that still helps to improve your brand awareness. When somebody has visited a site, Google is aware of this and so, if they click through to, say, a blog post of yours which doesn't lead to a sale, Google will know that they have been on your site and therefore make you rank more highly when they are searching for things which are related to your business. Furthermore, the psychological impact of being exposed to posts from your business on a regular basis will mean that they grow to trust you and would be more likely to go for you over a competitor if there was a choice. All of this may lead to future sales, even if it does not lead to immediate ones.


Hopefully this has given you an idea of the benefits that social media marketing can bring and will also help you to avoid undervaluing your social media marketing strategies. Whatever it is you do to promote your eCommerce website, I hope that you will be able to find success.

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