Use Facebook for Business with Workplace

By Adam  |  17 Oct 2016 12:00:00

Sounds good.

Facebook is a fantastic platform for businesses to use when they want to promote themselves and to reach people. Some people have had a huge amount of success through their Facebook marketing and it is by no means something to be ignored. However, despite all of its business credentials, Facebook is also a fantastic platform for socialising, chatting with your friends, posting updates about your life and looking through people's photos. As you can imagine, when people come on to Facebook to do something professionally, the social side of things sometimes gets in the way.

So, in order to counter the productivity lost to their social allures, Facebook have launched a new feature called Workplace. Facebook Workplace allows you to access business pages without being distracted by the notifications and messages which will come up on your personal account. It sounds especially handy and it's honestly quite surprising that it's taken them so long to come up with this. Facebook marketing was already really useful and now, with the addition of Workplace, it only stands to get even better. Who knows what kind of interesting features they might introduce next? It's always a good idea to keep on top of the latest developments from businesses like Facebook as this can also help you to keep on top of the latest marketing trends!

If you haven't been doing any social media marketing through your Facebook account, now seems like the perfect time to start doing so! If you have room in your budget to pay for a few boosted Facebook posts, you could potentially reach thousands of people. But even if you can't afford to be paying Facebook, you can still reach a lot of people when using it for free and it can be a very beneficial experience. Whatever you ultimately do to promote your eCommerce website, I hope that you will find success!

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