Adding Polls on Twitter

By Adam  |  3 Nov 2015 14:00:00

People making regular use of Twitter will have doubtlessly noticed something recently: they've now given users the ability to easily create polls. You may think that this isn't exactly a very useful addition, since you could already ask your followers any questions you wanted, but actually, this new poll feature is very useful. In this blog post I am going to go over the ways in which Twitter's new polls might prove to be extremely useful to your Twitter marketing campaign and, hopefully, will be beneficial to you.


What's best about the new Twitter polls is that they'll encourage an increase in customer interactions. As mentioned above, you might think that it largely makes no difference, since you are already able to ask your followers questions, but this new function has the upper hand in many ways. Aside from the obvious fact that when people vote in a poll their answers will be more easily visible to you, people are actually more likely to respond to a poll than they are to a written question on Twitter. Why is this? Well, it takes a certain amount of effort to write a tweet in reply to somebody to let them know how you feel; especially when that somebody is representing a business. However, when you see a poll online it is extremely easy for you to express your thoughts and opinions without ever really having to put in much effort. You just have to click and then your opinion is known. This easier form of communication will doubtlessly be very beneficial to you.


Whether you want to know which new product your customers would prefer or which Christmas promotion they'd rather you offered, you can get all kinds of useful facts from the Twitter polls. You do need to keep in mind that Twitter won't represent all of your customers, but it will certainly represent a good portion. The best thing a business can do is understand its customers and the Twitter polls provide another way for you to get to know them. I hope this blog post has been informative, and if you're not yet using Twitter for marketing, sign up right away and get started!

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