Avoid Social Media Distractions

By Adam  |  24 Aug 2015 12:00:00

Social media marketing is a crucial part of any marketing strategy these days and an eCommerce business, especially, requires that you make use of it, if you want to reach a lot of people. So it's important to dedicate a portion of your time to social media marketing every single day; whether it's over Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever else, social media marketing needs to be done. But there's a certain risk that comes from social media marketing...


What's the risk of social media marketing? Well, it's not a huge risk, but when you're on social media is very easy to get distracted. People send you messages, post funny photos, share videos and articles, have discussions and it's all stuff that you're likely to be interested in! Facebook's ever-changing algorithm is designed to ensure that people are seeing that things which are most likely to appeal to them, so when you're on Facebook you'll be seeing the content which is deemed the most interesting to you! It's easy to lose hours on Facebook without even realising what you've been doing.


So what can you do to avoid this? Well, with Facebook (the most distracting of social media websites) you might consider creating a fake account to run your business page. The fake account wouldn't have any friends on its friend list and so the newsfeed would always be entirely empty and distraction free. Facebook also allows you to turn off the chat system which will stop new messages popping up in the middle of the screen. With all social media outlets, a good strategy could be to open your social media feeds only when you are going to write something and then to close it straight afterward, don't even think of looking at anything else.


Not all of the outlets will be so distracting, but if you do find that social media marketing is a cause of procrastination for you, then I hope some of these suggestions will help! There are lots of areas of your business which need time beyond your social media marketing, and it would be a shame if the social media marketing ended up taking up more of your time than it should have.

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