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By Adam  |  11 Mar 2016 12:00:00

When running an eCommerce business, content marketing is a great way to reach new customers and to persuade people to regularly return to your site. However, content marketing takes time and money: two things which owners of small businesses might not always have. If you're the owner of quite a small business, one thing which you might like to try doing, is creating several blogging personas as this could potentially help your business to look more impressive and for your content marketing to be more effective. If you're not really sure why that would be worth your time, read on and I shall explain all!


If you create different "personas" for your blog, then, when you write for your blog, you can decide which one you're going to write as. Each persona should have their own writing style and doing this might sound tricky, but you could do something like writing the more serious and informative posts with one persona and the more jokey and light-hearted posts with another persona. What would doing this achieve? Well, for one thing, having these different personas will make it look like you have more people doing your content marketing than you really do and the more you have doing it, the bigger your business will look and the bigger you look, the more likely people are to trust you. Furthermore, if you make yourself write under different blogging personas, it will encourage more variety in your work as you'll be pushing yourself to create two distinct styles - the more variety you have in your work, the more appealing it will become!


So I hope this has been a useful piece of advice for how to improve your content marketing. Of course, one key thing to remember is that content marketing thrives on creativity - if you have your own unique content marketing which isn't really compatible with the idea of you creating blogging personas, then stick with your own thoughts! Often experimentation is very profitable. Whatever you decide to do for content marketing, I hope that it will be as effective as possible!

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