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By Adam  |  22 Sep 2015 15:00:00

To avoid any potential confusion, I am not going to use this blog post to talk about the 'health' of a business. It's true, for a business to run properly every person in it needs to be happy and you need to make sure that everyone is treated well and given everything they need to do their job properly. That’s would be a ‘healthy’ business. But instead, what I do want to talk about is your health and how running a business might impact on that. It is important to look after yourself and stay healthy.


When you run your own business, it's easy to pour an awful lot of hours into it. This is entirely your own creation and you are doubtlessly full of passion and enthusiasm, a combination which will push you towards lots of hard work. But, however, maybe you'll end up being pushed too far by your own enthusiasm. For people who run an eCommerce business, it's not uncommon for them to work another job on the side so that they have at least one source of guaranteed income (especially in the early days). Working another job and developing your own business will doubtlessly culminate in a lot of hours spent working. How many exactly? Well, I hope it will be less than fifty-five, because studies show that people who are working for fifty-five or more hours a week are significantly increasing their chances of having a stroke.


So keep in mind how much you’re working each week and make sure you're looking after yourself. Of course, being good to yourself is something which should be a good enough end all by itself, but you also need to consider that if you are harming your health you are likely also harming your ability to do good work for your business. When you're at your healthiest, you'll be able to do your best work for the business. I hope both that you are in good health and that your business is doing well.

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