Content Marketing and Journalism

By Adam  |  13 Dec 2015 12:00:00

If you run an eCommerce business then you may well be doing content marketing in order to help promote it. Some people think of content marketing as a very difficult task, but with the right approach, content marketing shouldn't be too hard. In many ways, content marketing has a lot in common with journalism and in today's blog post I am going to go over the similarities between content marketing and journalism, what you can learn from this and how you can get started.


The biggest similarity between content marketing and journalism is that both cover the reporting of current affairs and news. Admittedly, for your content marketing you won't cover all news, but any news you can make relevant to your business is worth reporting on, journalist style. Keeping up with the news in your area will provide you with a steady supply of content ideas. Plus, journalists write headlines which are designed to catch the eyes of people walking by; you need to be doing the same with your titles, except you don't only need to catch the eyes of internet browsers, but also the metaphorical "eyes" of search engines. Getting the right words and phrases into a title will increase the chances of it coming up on the first page of internet searches.


Though it's not just what you cover which is similar to journalism, but also how you cover it. Like any article in a newspaper, you need to make your articles interesting and engaging, as well as ensuring that they are all 100% factually correct. Sharing misinformation will only gain you the reputation of being unreliable and untrustworthy. Keep these facts in mind and hopefully it will help you to make your content marketing strategy a little easier and even more effective. Whatever you decide to do, I hope your business will be a success!

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