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By Adam  |  7 Aug 2015 11:00:00

One thing you'll notice is that a very large number of websites have a FAQ page. Do you have one on your own website? If not, I suggest that you add one whenever you get the time because they are very useful (especially for eCommerce websites), In this blog post I am going to explain just why it is that FAQ pages are so common and so helpful! If you're not sure you want to spend time writing one out, perhaps I can persuade you.


Firstly, if there's anything somewhat technical or confusing about your business, then a FAQ page will be very important. If somebody can't quite figure out what it is that you’re actually selling, there is no way they'll buy from you. A FAQ page could be the thing that lets somebody know just what it is that your product does and, once they realise this, maybe they'll also realise that they want it! But not everybody has a complicated product and, even if you don't, a FAQ page still stands to be beneficial.


If you do have a more straight-forward product, consider what FAQ stands for: Frequently Asked Questions. If you've got a new business and are just starting out, having an FAQ will assure customers that you have enough customers to be 'frequently asked' something. If somebody realised that they were one of your very first customers, it might make them uneasy. If you have not had many customers yet, people may feel that there is less chance of assured satisfaction. On the other side of that coin, if you genuinely are frequently asked certain questions, then an FAQ page will just be saving you time; time which could be better spent on marketing or something else more productive.


So I hope that helps you to see the strengths behind getting a FAQ page. If you make one, I hope you will find that it was beneficial and able to help you drive sales.

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