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By Adam  |  14 Nov 2015 12:00:00

When you run an eCommerce website, one thing you're going to need is images. A website that's all text looks very unprofessional and unappealing, meaning that people who come on to the website are quite likely to leave it without really looking around. Of course, crucially, you're going to need images of your product (because who's going to want to buy something if they can't see it) but you are the only person who can obtain photographs like that. However, you also might want other images (for example, in content marketing) and if you don't have the money to buy photos or hire a photographer, you might turn to free public domain picture websites.


One website you might want to look into is Good Free Photos. Good Free Photos offer a large selection of photographs which are (I'm sure you've already guessed) totally free to use. There are a number of categories for you to browse through to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Categories include "Food", "Plants, "Animals" and more, so hopefully you'll be able to find whatever it is that you're looking for. All of those are nice, high quality photographs and completely appropriate for use in a professional context. Sure, they may just be public domain and anybody could use them, but how will the average customer know that? The internet is a huge place and they aren't all that likely to come across these images elsewhere, so you don't need to worry about a lack of professionalism in that regard.


So, if you were looking for some free to use images, I hope you'll be pleased with this suggestion! When writing a blog, especially, images can be very important as they could be the difference between reading something and not reading something and if you're blogging well, this could be the first prospects see of your eCommerce website. But, of course, these images are just as useful elsewhere and as long as you don't try to claim that you created them, they could be a very useful resource.

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