Google to Penalise BlogDash

By Adam  |  12 Aug 2016 12:00:00


BlogDash was a service which helped to connect website owners with bloggers – the bloggers would then be paid to create content about the websites that commissioned them, gaining money in the process and helping to boost the value of the sites they linked to (and also helping to raise awareness.) This may all sound like a good way for bloggers and business owners to make connections, but Google views sponsored blog posts as a form of link buying, which they are staunchly opposed to, so BlogDash will be facing a penalty.


A penalty from Google can be severely damaging. If you owned an eCommerce business, it is probable that a lot of your sales will have come from people who arrived at your site via a Google search: if, all of a sudden, your site stopped coming up in Google searches, you'd lose a lot of sales. In fact, you might lose so much you'd go out of business! So it's clear that you need to do all you can to keep the Google gods happy. It's important that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of Google, because if you are found to be breaking them, you could face a penalty. In the case of BlogDash, not only will they suffer, but so too will the thousands of bloggers who used the service and potentially also the people who paid for the blog posts! If there's something nasty in the SEO well, a lot of people will be affected because the algorithms are strongly based on the connections between different sites.


So I hope that gives you a good idea of the risks of bad SEO. Thousands of people were using BlogDash, thinking it was some great way to help boost their rankings, but now they're all in a lot of trouble. The best way to improve the search engine optimisation for your eCommerce website, is to optimise the site for customers. With all that in mind, I hope that you will be able to do a good job of improving the rankings of your eCommerce site.

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