Great Payment Gateway Services From Secure Trading

By Adam  |  8 Aug 2015 12:00:00

If you use RomanCart then one thing you need to decide on is what payment gateway you're going to use. The payment gateways (as I am sure you will know but I had better explain anyway) are what are used so that payments can actually be carried out on your website. There are lots of different payment gateways and if you're having trouble deciding which one is best for you, then perhaps this blog post will be helpful to you. I'm going to talk about the payment gateway of Secure Trading and what advantages it has over other payment gateways.


Right away, one of the most impressive things about it is the fact that it has a 100% uptime. This is a big deal: when people want to buy something from your eCommerce website, they're going to be disappointed if they're about to go through with a purchase, only to find that the payment gateway is done for maintenance and it is therefore impossible. There will be no risk of this whatsoever with Secure Trading. That's not to mention the fact that it is compatible with a huge range of different payment methods and currencies; both of which will be hugely beneficial to your customers.


It's the customers, really, that should be the main driving force behind your choice. If customers find your website awkward to use or are not satisfied by it, they won't return. They may even tell others that you do not have a very good website. Secure Trading really does a lot to ensure customer satisfaction and that's one of its strongest assets. So if you don't yet have a payment gateway, why not sign up for Secure Trading right away? The first six months are free, which gives you plenty of time to decide whether their service is for you.

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