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By Adam  |  22 Jul 2016 12:00:00

Every website owner wants good SEO - it's essential if you want to make money on the internet! With poor SEO, your website will rank lowly and nobody will find it and if nobody will find it, what's the point in it? I guess maybe if you were just keeping a personal blog it wouldn't be too bad, but for an eCommerce website, particularly one which you're spending money on, you need to make sue that it as search engine friendly as possible. But how can you know how well you're doing, in terms of SEO?


Well, one particularly good service for SEO is Majestic. Majestic can give you all kinds of information, from charts to show you the different anchor text which is used when people link to your site, to comprehensive lists of sites which are linking to you. Not only can you use this to analyse your own site and see how well you are doing, but you can use it to take a look at competitor sites too! This can help you understand what it might be that's causing them to rank more highly than you are specific searches. Want to rank for "wash cloth deals"? Well your key competitor has links from five different well established sites and they all used that phrase as the anchor text! You better start generating some of your own. It can also give you a good idea of where you could get links to boost your own rankings.


So if you were struggling with SEO, I hope that Majestic will be able to help you out. They are a paid service, which might put some people off, but they also offer some free services, which are at least worth a quick look. It could turn out that you're lacking in some ways that you weren't even aware of and Majestic could help you to really boost your rankings. Whatever happens, I hope that your business and eCommerce website will be able to continue to flourish.

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