Make Sure Your Content is Factual

By Adam  |  1 Sep 2015 13:00:00

Content marketing is a great way to bring more people to your website and to ensure that they keep coming back. When people read pieces of content that you have written it will give them an impression of you and your business and make them more likely to buy from you. However, this can go one of two ways; either content marketing will prove to give your business a bit of personality and help to make people warm to you, or, if done badly, will turn people away from you.


So, what would you have to do wrong with your content marketing to drive people away? Well, it all comes down to reliability. If you're writing a blog with your eCommerce website, then you need to be sure that all of the information you're sharing in your content is accurate. For example, a friend of yours may have told you an interesting fact once and since then you've always taken it for granted that that was true and then gone ahead and written it in a blog post. But what if your friend had been misinformed? You, too, would then be sharing misinformation. There are lots of ways that this could end up happening and so it's a good idea to always include a source for any fact which can't be logically explained. So, for example, I'm talking about how inaccurate content marketing will be harmful to your business; that's not something which needs a source. If, on the other hand, I said that, AmazonFresh might be coming to the UK, then I'd need a source to back that up.


So keep that in mind as you proceed with your content marketing. When done well, this can attract lots of people to your website and give them a reason to like you. When done badly, it can make you look like you don't know what you're talking about. Consider that if somebody sees that your content appears to be unreliable, then they will not trust you and if they don't trust you, why would they want to buy things from you? They might worry about deliveries, the quality of the product and so on. So make sure your content is well researched, even if you're sure you know something for a fact; you might even end up learning a thing or two yourself!

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