Paperless Faxing from HelloFax

By Adam  |  15 Oct 2015 11:00:00

Though they are slowly but surely being replaced by emails and other forms of internet-based communication, fax machines still have their place with a lot of businesses. Maybe some people are just used to fax machines and so don't make the switch to a more modern form of technology and maybe some business are generally just lagging behind when it comes to electronic advancements; there are lots of reasons that certain businesses (and people) might still use fax machines. If you don't use them, but often find yourself in situations where you're dealing with people who do use them, then that might be potentially bothersome to you.


If you do find fax machines an irritation, and you hate the amount of paper that they cause you to waste, then you might like to consider using a service called HelloFax. HelloFax allows you to send and receive faxes, all without using a fax machine or any paper! If you want to send a fax, it lets you get the document together on your computer, so that it then can be sent as a regular fax to the recipient. If you want to receive a fax, then HelloFax will convert the document into a PDF file; you can have it come through as an email, go into your DropBox, Google Drive or whatever suits you best.


So if you need an easy way to communicate with people who are still using fax machines, then perhaps HelloFax is the best option. If you are still using a fax machine, then perhaps this would be the perfect time to transition and save money on all that paper; HelloFax allows you to maintain the number you had on an existing fax machine when you start using them. It's a very useful service which can help you to modernise your business a little, while also accommodating those who are a little behind. Whether you decide to use HelloFax or not, I hope that your business will continue to prosper.

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