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By Adam  |  27 May 2016 12:00:00

When somebody has a question they want answered, these days they'll get their answer with the help of an internet search. When you write a question into a search engine, then you are most likely to find pages on websites like where somebody else has already asked that question (and had somebody answer it.) Questions like these are the sorts of things which will get searched for on quite a regular basis, so if you were to answer those questions, you'd potentially be doing a good job of promoting your eCommerce website.


Obviously, these sorts of websites require you to be entirely neutral, because if you give a sales oriented answer, it won't be accepted as the main answer, but if you give an informative and helpful answer, then it just might be. What you need to do is answer lots of questions which are in areas related to your business: not only will this help you to cement yourself as an expert in your field, but it will also help to drive traffic to your site. How will it drive traffic if you aren't being too salesy? Well, it's simple really. You can include a link to your site in both your bio and your signature. If people grow to trust and respect you through the correct answers, they are likely to want to find out more about you and then find your site.


It's a small thing, but it could actually be quite a good way for you to increase traffic. This, when done along with content marketing, social media marketing and whatever other methods you have for building up your internet presence, could be a really beneficial activity. You essentially want to have links back to your site in as many places as possible and this is just one of the many excellent places you could be linking out from without much trouble. But if you don't yet have an eCommerce website to link back to, then don't forget that RomanCart can turn any website into an online shop.

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