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By Adam  |  18 Sep 2015 10:00:00

Have you got a website? Maybe you've been doing a good job of running a blog for some time or something like that and have decided that you want to find a way to monetise that. Well, RomanCart is a service which you really might like to consider because our shopping cart software can turn any website into an online shop. It could be a great way to turn a hobby into a source of income, but it could also be quite useful if you wanted to start a new business venture; you could, for example, design a website to be just right for you and then go and sign up to RomanCart to start selling.


But, unlike many other services which supply shopping cart services, we also offer a range of marketing tools which make RomanCart even more valuable. To give just one example, we give you everything you need for an email marketing campaign. You might like to send out a newsletter once a month (or at another regular interval) and then you've got an ongoing connection with your customers, meaning that a single visit to your website might turn into regular visits. Furthermore, you can use newsletters to draw attention to any ongoing sales you have, your social media outlets, and other things like that. The more ways you connect with a customer the more likely they are to buy from you on a regular basis.


So I hope that has given you a good idea of all the benefits that RomanCart has. If you click here then you will find more information on all of the services that RomanCart provides and, also, on how to make good use of them! So if you've got a website which you'd like to turn into an online shop or if you're building an eCommerce website and still need to find something for the eCommerce side of things, then RomanCart certainly stands to be very beneficial to you.

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