The Benefits of Using WordPress as a CMS

By Adam  |  21 Mar 2016 12:00:00

Back in the eighties a good way of advertising was having a phone book advertisement. As the years have rolled by and our technology has gotten smarter and more efficient, nowadays one of the most valuable marketing tools is having a website. If I need to take my cat to the vet, I can guarantee I will Google search “good vets in [insert local area]"” to find the answer and I am sure that most of the population do the same. But websites are expensive or consume a lot of one’s time, right? Well, that is not strictly true, because you could use WordPress. Here is why using WordPress is a good idea.


By using WordPress you do not need to know code or have endless time to create a professional looking website. In short, WordPress is a template and so you can customise your site by installing plugins and themes. Being able to change the layout of your site is as easy as clicking the download button. You can install slider bars and image galleries. You can even install pop up software. Plugin capabilities go behind ascetics and you can install plugins to filter spam comments and to monitor and boost site traffic. WordPress sites take customisation to the next level.


WordPress is incredibly popular and there is a lot of support out there for you. If you want a website which is super-easy to maintain, but you don’t want to set it up yourself, then there is no shortage of specialist WordPress web developers out there. If you want to give building your own site a go but know very little about WordPress, then there are many public forums offering free advice as well as many self-help books. One thing is for sure though, learning how to build a website using WordPress is a lot simpler than building one from scratch.


WordPress can also along with RomanCart - a perfect combination for creating an eCommerce website. Although having “shops” on sites like eBay is fantastic, having your own website with its own online shop just looks that little bit more professional. Plus, you can use eBay with RomanCart too! If your business is more service orientated, then it is a great avenue to diversify. If you own a hairdressers then why not start selling hair care products online?


Here are only three reasons as to why WordPress is such a great tool, after all there are many many more benefits. But, if you want to build and maintain a website which is easy, functional and beautiful, then why not give WordPress a go? Then use RomanCart to make it eCommerce!

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