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By Adam  |  16 Oct 2015 11:00:00

Social media marketing is a very useful way of reaching new people and of making a name for your business. It gives old customers friendly reminders of your products and deals, persuading them to keep returning, and also provides a nice platform for customer interaction. But, despite it being totally free, a lot of businesses are not on social media. Why is this? Well, someone might say "I only really sell things that pensioners will want and social media's for young people, isn't it? So it would be a waste of time!" but I'm afraid that stance is wrong and I am going to explain why in this blog post.


Firstly, the idea that social media is only for young people is a myth, as people of all ages are on social media. It's true that, in the early days social media it will have mainly been used by teenagers and people in their twenties, but it has since grown to such an extent that all demographics are using it. Many businesses which are mainly marketing to older people use social media and find it tremendously useful. Plus, even if it were true that older people didn't use social media (and I'm not saying it is, or even that it might be, just speaking hypothetically) you can never know who your customers might be; sure, you might mostly be selling to older people, but who knows how many anomalous young people might be buying from you too? Things are never black and white in business (or, indeed, anywhere in life).


So I hope this post has persuaded you that, no matter what your business, you should be on social media. If you put in the time and keep at it, you'll raise your brand awareness, create a good image for yourself and help to push sales! Hopefully you'll be able to make good use of social media so that your eCommerce website can continue to flourish.

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