Valentine's Day eCommerce

By Adam  |  25 Jan 2016 12:00:00

When you run an eCommerce website, you need to be making promotions which tie into current events. Christmas has just ended and you hopefully did a lot of festive marketing to help sharpen the already sharp spike in sales that people see over the Christmas period. But now, with only three and a half weeks left to go, it's time to start focusing on Valentine's Day marketing, as that could also be something you can use to help drives those sales.


You might think that your kind of product is not something which people are likely to buy at Valentine's Day, but the truth is anything could be a Valentine's Day gift. People with all kinds of different interests and perspectives enter into romantic relationships and take part in Valentine's Day and so that means a very broad range of things could make Valentine's Day presents. A lot of people struggle to know what to get their partner for Valentine's Day, so you could push forward with a content marketing campaign which highlights which of your products would make the best Valentine's Day present. You could also do the same on social media and share lots of photos of your products along with red/romantic effects. New couples especially struggle with Valentine's Day and your posts could be the things to persuade them what to buy.


So I hope this gives you an idea of what you should be doing to market your eCommerce website in the build up to Valentine's Day. Flowers, chocolates and cute things are obviously going to be the things that are most popular, but they certainly won't be the only things!  Be creative with your thought processes - maybe even suggest your products as 'joke' Valentine's Day gifts, people might appreciate that self-deprecation. Whatever you do, I hope that you are able to see an increase in sales this Valentine's Day and that your eCommerce website will continue to grow!

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