What are Google Spiders?

By Adam  |  3 Feb 2016 12:00:00

If you've recently launched your own eCommerce website so that you can take your business online (or are just starting a new, online business) then you will doubtlessly have been doing a bit of research about running and maintaining a website. Have you ever come across the mysterious sounding Google spiders? If you have and you're confused, I'm going to use today's blog post to explain to you what the Google spiders are and how they can help your website to be found by more people.


So what are Google spiders? No, Google hasn't stepped into the field of bio-engineering and started creating their own species (yet.) The Google spiders are actually programmes which scan through the pages all over the internet to see how they should be ranking on Google searches. What they do is pick up on all of a content on a page, measure its keyword densities, check images, videos and so forth, scan the title, check the traffic and the reputation of the site it's on, check how many other places are linking to it and then rank it accordingly. Obviously, you want every page to come up on the first page of Google results, as barely anybody checks the other pages and so being listed on them is not likely to yield much traffic for you. 


The Google spiders are naturally roaming around the internet and will 'crawl' pages periodically, but something to keep in mind is that, the newer something is, the higher it will rank. Of course, being new is far from the only factor, but it is a significant one. If you rewrite or add something to an existing page on your website, then it could be a good idea to have Google crawl it again and you can do that for free using the Google Search Console. Using this, you can have Google crawl any page at any time, which might help you to improve the general SEO of any page. Whatever you do for your eCommerce website's rankings, I hope it will go well and that your eCommerce website will enjoy lots of traffic.

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