Bing Usage May Rise

By Adam  |  28 Nov 2015 12:00:00

When you think of SEO you think of Google. When you think of search engines, you think of Google. Any time you want to look something up online, your first thought is to go to Google. In fact, when somebody asks you a question you don't know, you might well say "Google it!" because Google really is that popular. Surely, Microsoft's answer to Google, Bing, isn't even worth considering? If you tell somebody to "Bing it" they might even think that you're insulting them! But, actually, there's a good chance that Bing usage may rise in the near future.


First things first, let me make one thing clear: Google will probably always be the most popular search engine, but if Bing grew to have at least 10% of the world's internet searches done on it, then that would still be millions of people. So why might Bing see a rise in usage? Well, it's down to Windows 10. Windows 10 has an inbuilt search bar; you can use it to search for things on your computer but also to search the internet using Bing. So, just like that, people are given the opportunity to use Bing without even having to open up an internet browser. While some people will go the normal route and use Google, it's hard to believe that Windows 10 won't push a significant number of people towards using Bing as their search engine of choice. After they've used it for a while, they may well get used to it and then, once they’re used to it, maybe they'll always use it!


So, when trying to work on your SEO, it might well be worth giving Bing a moment's consideration. Take a look at how you and your competitors are ranking on Bing, find out what people are searching for on Bing and, basically, take steps to ensure that you're doing as well on Bing as you are on Google. Of course, just because Windows 10 may cause an increase in Bing usage, doesn't mean you can't also do some investigation into the other search engines too! Whatever approach you do take, I hope you will find success with your eCommerce website.

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