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By Adam  |  24 Jul 2015 11:00:00

In this blog post I am going to talk a little about a marketing technique known as 'Up Selling' and how it might prove to be useful for you and your eCommerce website. Of course, it's quite possible that you'll already be familiar with, and implementing, these strategies, and if that's the case, I'm pleased! I hope that works out well for you. However, everybody has different levels of experience and knowledge and this is for people who have yet to be introduced to the concept.


Up Selling is a marketing tactic for you to use on your existing customers, or people who are already likely to make a purchase. What you do is, once the customers are about to buy something from your eCommece website, have something on your website to suggest to them a better product. If they're going to buy themselves a silver necklace, suggest to them a gold necklace. Or, for something which wouldn't make any stylistic difference, if somebody wanted a pack of batteries, you could suggest to them a bigger pack of batteries. Since you already know for a fact that a customer is going to want to buy that item for you, they might consider it helpful when you suggest a superior product, because they simply may not have realised that they weren't going for the best option. If they intentionally chose a middle or lower option, they'll just discard your suggestion and proceed with their originally planned purchase. There's nothing at stake.


So, if you had an Up Selling system on your website, it could stand to make you a lot of money, even if not an increase in sales. Oftentimes there's a significant price difference between the cheapest version of a product and the most expensive, so if you successfully persuaded somebody to upgrade their product before purchase, you might have suddenly made a much bigger sale. Then, when you take the long term into consideration, Up Selling could well make you a lot of money!

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