How to Market An Online Fashion Business

By Adam  |  4 Nov 2016 12:00:00

Your amazing fashion range.

You'd think with modern technology that marketing would be incredibly easy nowadays, but it's not that simple. Your potential consumer market has already been oversaturated with adverts stalking their social media pages, their commute to work and their media outlets. Somehow or another, your business needs to derive a strategy to stand out from the crowd and create a memorable brand for the right reasons. Here's some great advice to break through with strong marketing methods.

Research your target audience

Every business needs to pay attention to their target audience. Every business conducts target market research. But not every business do either of the two things very well. Consider the lifestyle of your target audience. What do they do in their spare time? Where are they likely to be on a Friday evening? What kind of advert would impress them the most? Customer surveys can be particularly helpful, and the response rate can be ramped through voucher incentives.

Build an appropriate voice

When you have a good idea on your target audience, consider what 'voice' they are most likely to respond to. Are your clients very conscious about fashion and beauty? Do your clients work in business, or are they likely to be students? Do they prefer an alternative or punk lifestyle, or are they interested in ethical fashion? Construct an appropriate voice that really speaks to these people. Use this voice when using social media, creating content on your website and online videos.

Be consistent

Brand images full apart and lack a genuine feel if their voice is inconsistent. It's no good adopting a neutral voice while sharing images of political and/or religious campaigns. It's also no good using a stylish, student voice if your target market is for more mature women who enjoy comfortable fashion.

Talk to potential clients

One of the best ways to stand out is by talking directly to your target audience. Engage with active social media accounts, say hello, like their blogs, ask them for their thoughts. By engaging with influences in particular, you will find that your brand will naturally become more popular and stand out.

Photograph your product well

Many new online fashion retails forget to supply adequate photos of their products. Be sure to show how item looks from the front and the back, and supply further photos if the item comes in more than one colour. (After all, you don't want to be producing a mass of potential returns.)

With video advertising, make sure the model wearing your item is relatable to your target audience. If your fashion business prides itself on having a variety of plus sizes, make sure you include plus size models in your advertising campaign.

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