Don't Worry About Amazon

By Adam  |  27 Jul 2015 11:00:00

Amazon is huge. It's a contender for the title of "World’s Most Successful eCommerce Website" and continues to grow every day. They sell millions of popular products and at extremely affordable prices too! They're always branching out, with things like film and music streaming through Amazon Prime and there's no telling just what they might do next. So you, as someone with an eCommerce website, or as someone who is about to start an eCommerce website, might think "What's the point?" you might thing that Amazon will continue to grow until it pushes everyone else out of the market. If you do think that, you're wrong. There are several unique selling points that you have over Amazon and I am going to go over them in this blog post.


Amazon is a huge business. It's so big, in fact, that many people would go so far as to call it 'Soulless' and be untrusting of it. As an example of this 'soullessness' you need only look at their product listings; every picture and product description is just promotional text with a promotional image. Items on your website, meanwhile will have lots of honest photos that really show off the quality of your products (and won't appear airbrushed) and you'll be able to write passionately about each product, rather than using a piece of corporate text. Furthermore, people won't be so concerned about their privacy; people worry that businesses like Amazon are tracking them and monitoring their search history in order to tailor their product suggestions and so on. There'll be no concerns that a small, independent business like your own would be doing something so morally ambiguous.


There's also the fact that your own website is likely to have its own unique product. Amazon doesn't really sell any unique products; it's all pretty much stuff you could find in the shops anyway. You, meanwhile, may have many unique products. Perhaps you sell something for a very niche group of people, something that Amazon doesn't sell; your business is then telling those people that you care about them, while Amazon simply appears to tell them that their interests are not important enough.


So, that's why you shouldn't be worried about Amazon. With your business you're targeting a much more specific audience and are much more 'human' than Amazon. There is room for you, Amazon and everybody else in the eCommerce world and I hope everybody continues to prosper.

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