eCommerce Christmas Spending

By Adam  |  12 Oct 2015 13:00:00

Christmas is just a couple of months away and you should probably have started to get your business ready for it. Over this period there'll be an increase in sales no matter what your selling, because no matter what it is there'll always be somebody who wants your product as a present. So how much money do you stand to make? Well, according to estimates, people are due to spend an enormous $8 billion on Christmas eCommerce purchases and you are going to be a part of that.


With a solid marketing plan, you could help to further increase what will already be a surge in sales. Offer timed sales, offer combos, offer whatever else will encourage people to buy from you. You could do a sale to tie in to each of the twelve days of Christmas. You could so a 'sale advent calendar' so that on each of the twenty-five days leading up to (and including) Christmas you are offering a different item on sale. Do keep in mind that people will make purchases on Christmas day as well; people are often given money on Christmas day which they will be keen to spend. Shops are all closed on Christmas day, but your eCommerce website will still be up and running! A specific, Christmas day-only sale could be a very good idea.


So keep this in mind as the days grow shorter, the air gets colder and the festive season approaches! If you make a comfortable amount from your eCommerce website most of the time, then you are probably going to make a tasty profit during the Christmas period. So be prepared and take advantage of the large inflow of customers; if you handle things well, you may just get several new long-time customers! I hope it will all work out for the best.

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