Future of Indian eCommerce

By Adam  |  9 Dec 2015 12:00:00

As the average person becomes more and more technologically advanced, eCommerce begins to grow at quite a rate. Think about how many people regularly use smartphones/laptops/computers today who might not have been on the internet at all ten years ago; all of these people stand to be eCommerce customers. One country which has seen a lot of eCommerce growth recently is India, because there has been a lot of technological growth there. So what does the future hold? Will the eCommerce industry really continue to grow like this?


Well, according to the latest predictions, the eCommerce industry in India could be worth one hundred billion dollars by the year 2020! That's barely even five years away. You see, as more and more rural areas in India gain easier access to the internet, they are then able to get involved with eCommerce. If you lived in a far off, remote place in the countryside, you would probably have difficulty finding many of the things you want to buy... As a result, you'd probably turn to eCommerce websites! That is exactly what has been happening in India and why business is on the upward incline. This also works in reverse, because now small businesses that are far from any urban centres will have a platform on which to reach more people and make lots of sales.


You might think to yourself "That's nice, but as I am not an Indian citizen, this does not affect me," but if you do, you'd be wrong. The eCommerce industry is a global industry because the internet is a global community. As long as your business can/will ship to India, then you can still be a part of this growth. So I hope that your own eCommerce business will continue to grow in the years to come, and if you don't have an eCommerce website, perhaps you'd like to use RomanCart to help get one?

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