More Free Listings from eBay

By Adam  |  6 Oct 2015 11:00:00

Do you use eBay along with RomanCart? Or do you maybe not even use RomanCart and only use eBay? Well, if so, I have a piece of news for you which you might be quite happy to hear about! Starting on the 15th of October, eBay are going to start giving users more free listings. In the past, you were allowed to list up to twenty items without being charged for any of them, but once this change has taken place you'll be allowed to list up to fifty items, so, it's quite a significant increase.


More free listings had been a popular request from eBay sellers for a long time, so it's no real surprise that they are giving in. Hopefully, at very least, this will mean that many of you will save at some money when it comes to selling on eBay. There are also several additional perks for those who are subscribed to the eBay Stores service; I shan't go into all of that in this blog post, but you should certainly follow the link I included above as it leads directly to the official announcement and covers all of the details.


Do you use eBay and/or RomanCart? Together, the two make quite a spectacular combination. RomanCart allows you to run an online shop, but if you've got an eBay account too then you can manage both things from one place. If you're not on eBay, but have used RomanCart for an online shop, then you might find that eBay is a good way to hook in new customers. It's a platform which many people use and if you have your products up for sale on there, there's an increased chance that people will find you. Not everybody will go to Google if they're looking to buy something, some will go straight to eBay and listing your items on there will mean that those people are able to find you as well.


RomanCart users, with the upcoming increase in free listings, now would be a great time to use eBay as well and, eBay users, why not use RomanCart to help create an online shop and further increase your online presence?

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