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By Adam  |  28 Jul 2015 10:00:00

In a previous blog entry I discussed how useful Facebook was as a marketing tool and if you're not too sure about Facebook marketing and haven't read that post yet, it could be a good idea to do so now. In this blog entry I am going to talk about opening up a Facebook Store and how that can be a useful way to drive sales and to improve your customer satisfaction.


Firstly, I feel that it is important to explain what exactly I mean by a 'Facebook Store'. One benefit of using RomanCart is that will give you the resources to sell your products directly through Facebook. This is no small feat because Facebook themselves are planning on charging users to be able to do that soon, as they've realised just how useful it can be for people. So fCommerce (as people are calling it) is just about to take off, so it will be good for RomanCart users like you to get in on the game.


A RomanCart Facebook Store stands to be useful in reaching both new and returning customers alike. If somebody has purchased from you in the past, they may well be planning to get something else in future. They might have their purchase in mind, as something they need to get done soon, and then come across your Facebook page (which they will hopefully have already 'liked') and realise they can buy directly through it! Of course, in the interests of time saving, they're going to do so! They'll appreciate that you have provided them with an easy way to make purchases.


But it could well prove to be effective for reaching new customers also. If you've got a sale on on a great item, one of your existing customers may well 'like' the post, then people on their friend list, even people who have never heard of you before can see it too: then if you've done a good job of advertising this item, there's a good chance they'll head over to your Facebook page. It would be be a good idea to mention in posts “you can buy this directly through Facebook!” Being able to buy directly through it will increase their chances of making a purchase. It means that they don't have to take yet another step and move on to your website and cutting out that middle man will hopefully prove to increase sales! As it's also still quite a novel idea, people may well be excited by it as well!


So it would definitely be worth your time to open up a Facebook store! You've nothing to lose by doing so, so why not do it right away?

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