Twitter Character Limit No Longer Includes Media Attachments

By Adam  |  22 Sep 2016 12:00:00

A tweeting bird.

Twitter is a fantastic platform to use if you want to market your eCommerce website – you can use it to reach a large number of people through its fantastic hashtag system and you can get all of your existing customers to follow you on there so that they will continue to buy from you. The problem is that when you are sharing things on social media, you're always going to want to use images to stand out from the crowd, but when you share an image it eats into your already tiny character limit!


The good news is that this problem with Twitter is no longer a problem because media attachments no longer eat into the character limit! Don't believe me? Go ahead and write a tweet for yourself to find out! It's one of the best pieces of news we've had from Twitter for a while. Some people criticise the character limit on Twitter, but it does have its strengths – the fact that media attachments cut it down always seemed a little unfair, however, and this news of a change is very welcome! When scrolling through Twitter, you're much more likely to click on a link on a tweet which also has an image, than you are to click on a text only tweet because it simply will not catch your eye.


I am sure that this will help a lot of you to improve your social media marketing campaigns and hopefully to increase the sales you manage to get through your posts! Social media can be a vital part of the process of bringing traffic to your site, you just need to make sure you're doing it properly. But if you don't even have an eCommerce website to do any social media marketing for, then sign up to RomanCart – it can turn any website into an online shop!

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