Acknowledging Customer Birthdays

By Adam  |  20 May 2016 12:00:00

A good form of loyalty rewards for your customers is if you do something to acknowledge their birthdays. You could add an optional field to get a customer's date of birth whenever they buy something from you - they are likely to assume it's something to do with selling only to people over the age of eighteen (or something like that) but then, actually when their birthday comes along you send them a special birthday promotion as an email - this could be a special limited time voucher code or something like that.


Offering a nice reward like this will endear customers to you and, at the same time, it is likely to incentivise sales from them. There would be quite a high level of pressure for them to make a purchase because the code would only last for twenty-four hours and they won't want to miss out on using it! What's more is that doing something kind for your customers like this will encourage them that you are a good business which cares for its customers - it's the kind of thing that will encourage them to return in future, even after they've used their birthday voucher code! If your really personalise it and give them an offer on something related to what they've purchased before, it will show that you are treating your customers as individuals and not as units from which money can be made.


So I hope that gives you a good idea of one of the ways that you can encourage existing customers to make further sales. Yes, it's always good to try and find new customers for your eCommerce website, but you also need to make sure that you are doing all you can to ensure that existing customers keep buying from you, as you can make just as much money, if not more, from sales made by existing customers. Whatever steps you take to try and incentivise sales from your existing customers, I hope that they will be successful!

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