Accommodating Customers

By Adam  |  7 Dec 2015 14:00:00

With virtually every single business, there's one key thing to always remember: your customers need to be accommodated. Essentially, the thing that makes a customer decide to use or not to use a business is how much they feel they've been accommodated. Is your website easy to use? Do you provide a nice variety of products? Are the products easy to use? It is clear what the products do/what the products are? These are all things you need to be asking yourself to ensure that it is the best possible service a customer could ask for.


It's not just about ease of use either. No matter how simple your website is to navigate, or how simple your product is, you will eventually encounter a confused customer. Maybe they struggle to read the language your site is written in or maybe there's a random glitch causing them trouble, it's not important how it happens, but it is a fact that at least one person will have a problem with your website at some point (and probably more than one too). So, for times when there is trouble, how easy is it for a customer to get in touch? Is there a live chat? Do you have a clear customer support phone number? An email address? Different people will like to get in touch in different ways and it's best to provide them with lots of different options.


Plus, of course, it's best not to assume anything about your customers. Maybe you sell a product which you assume only males would buy, but then if you reflect that thought in any text on your website, female customers might feel alienated and decide not to buy from you. So you need also be sure to accommodate your customers in the sense of making them feel welcome regardless of their identity and their background. So I hope this gives you a good idea about how to proceed with your own business; may it continue to grow and flourish.

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