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By Adam  |  1 Apr 2016 12:00:00

Today is April Fools' Day. A lot of content marketers will be using the opportunity be a bit creative and make up a fun lie to write about. Loads of businesses like to do an April Fools' Day jokes, even Google, and you may well be thinking over a few things that you could do as a joke from your own business. Well, if you are thinking of April Fools' ideas, then I want to tell you something: don't ever do it! The consequences will be disastrous.

You see, it is actually illegal to post pieces of April Fools' content. Businesses have been shut down and their owners incarcerated because of pieces of April Fools' content. The average prison sentence for writing a piece of April Fools' content is between twenty and thirty years and it's very unlikely that there'll be any kind of appeal. Sure, I just mentioned that even Google do April Fools' jokes, but they get away with it because they're really corrupt and can get away with anything. As April Fools' Day content can be very effective and create a lot of traffic for sites, there's a thriving black market for it. Sometimes freelance writers are hired to write a piece and then, should the business be legally challenged, they claim that they were hacked and had nothing to do with it. Obviously, I cannot advise that you do the same.


Okay, this was all just an April Fools' joke, but you knew that already didn't you? Just in case anybody didn't realise that this was a prank, I thought I'd better come clean. In reality, April Fools' Day content is perfectly acceptable and can be a good way to bring traffic to your eCommerce website. I suppose there is the slight risk that people will be annoyed and put off shopping with you if you fool them, but you can neutralise that risk but coming clean, as I have done. Whatever you do for your content today, I hope it will be a success and I hope you don't get fooled!



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