Black Friday Sales

By Adam  |  15 Nov 2015 12:00:00

Black Friday has been trending on Facebook recently; why? Because we're getting very close to the date and businesses are starting to announce their opening hours and discounts for the day. For those who don't know, this year Black Friday will be on the 27th of November. Maybe now would be a good time for your business to make its Black Friday announcements? It seems the perfect time! Plus, talking about Black Friday in advance is a good way to ensure that your customers know that you're taking part in the day.


While Black Friday is a well-known thing to lots of people, there are also a lot of people who don't know about it or don't think about it very often. Drawing attention to your own Black Friday sales might be crucial for reminding your customers that the event even exists! One idea could be to post something new each day until Black Friday and each time focus on another item which you will be offering at a reduced price. This gradual build up will generate excitement and make people even more likely to make their purchases when the day finally comes. If you didn't post anything about Black Friday until the actual day, there's a big chance that a large number of your customers would miss out on it entirely, which ultimately means less sales will be generated by it. Though there is Cyber Monday, if you are worried about people missing the event.


Black Friday is great because it's a day on which people make a huge number of purchases. While you will be selling individual products at a reduced price, you stand to see such a large increase in sales that you may well see huge profits. To really make sure that you are making as many sales as possible, it would be a good idea to promote your Black Friday promotions with a strong social media campaign. If that sounds like something you’re in a position to do, what are you waiting for? Your customers will love you for it and you'll make loads of sales!

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