Building Customer Relationships

By Adam  |  10 Nov 2015 14:00:00

A good way to ensure that your customers will continue to return to you is to develop a good relationship with them. From the customers' point of view, there are loads and loads of different options available to them every time they want to buy something. If you want to ensure that your customer comes back to you, you have to be especially nice to them. What can you do to build good customer relationships? Well there are a few possibilities and I am going to use this blog post to go over two of them.


Firstly, you can try to reward customers for buying from you; maybe you could offer a special promotional code any time somebody makes a purchases which exceeds a certain amount; this promotional code will then give them a good reason to return in future and the promise of more promotional codes will keep bringing them back. Customers will appreciate this as an act of generosity from your business. Furthermore, it's a good idea to give your customers as many different ways to get in touch with you as possible: that way if they ever encounter any problems or confusion on your website, they'll be able to get in touch right away and give you the opportunity to provide them with a friendly reply.  You should also give your customers the ability to make suggestions on how to improve your service, if you do this and then implement one of their suggestions; they'll be pleased and see that you care a lot about what they think.


Then there's also social media; it never hurts to engage with your customers on social media. Respond to their questions, retweet their compliments and just generally do all you can to show how proud you are of them. But don't wait for them to interact with you, go ahead and get the ball rolling yourself! Look at your followers’ feeds and then click on their profiles so that you can see their own Twitter feeds; retweet the stuff that you think the rest of your followers would like and share positive thoughts with them. Feel free to do the same to prospects. Essentially, if you are nice to them, they will be nice to you! No matter which avenue you take, if you're good to your customers and reward them for their purchases, they're likely to stick with you.

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