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By Adam  |  16 Nov 2015 14:00:00

In the age of the internet and social media, there's a strong focus on sharing everything. Businesses post photos of their offices on Twitter, let you know when its employee birthdays, let you know about employee day trips and lots of other things too. The advent of social media has really done a lot to make the business world a lot more personal. This is quite good as it makes it more likely that customers will get to know the people behind your business and therefore feel more loyalty towards it. However, being very open about your business does also have its drawbacks and risks and I'd like to go over them in today's blog post.


Firstly, being very open about your business might make you feel that you can be quite open about your emotions too. If you're quite emotional on your business's social media feeds, this could put people off and be viewed as unprofessional; by all means, be positive and upbeat (people appreciate that) but don't ever use these social media feeds to vent on a bad day. Though it is something of a double standard, people will not really accept sadness in tweets coming from a business page. Save things like this for your personal social media feeds, or for private conversations with close friends and/or family. But it's not just things like this you need to be wary of.


Sharing a lot about your business might encourage you to talk about how your product is made, and other things like this. This is exactly the kind of thing which people write about quite often in pieces of content marketing. People who are interested in a product would probably be interested to know how it was made too. The problem is that if you reveal too much about the creation process for your product, what's to stop people just making it themselves? Even worse, what's to stop somebody else doing the same and then starting to sell it too! You certainly don't want to be creating any competition. So just keep in mind that while it is a good idea to be likeable and personal in the ways that you present your business online, there are certain things which are better left kept to yourself!

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