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By Adam  |  7 Nov 2015 12:00:00

Do you do content marketing for your eCommerce website? If not, you should really think about giving it a try because it can be really effective. The more subjects you cover in a blog, for example, the more keywords you'll have which will bring you up in Google searches. Furthermore, if you've written something really interesting/entertaining, or made a great video or a handy graphic then there is quite a chance that your customers will like to share it. People are always sending each other content over the internet and if you make something that people will like, they'll share it with their likeminded friends.


Anyway, if you're sharing content on your eCommerce website, do customers have the opportunity to leave a comment? And if comments can be left, is anybody writing them? Zero comments on a piece of content can look bad and as if nobody is reading it. If you don't have any comments on most of your pieces of content it might give people the impression that you are a very small business without many customers. Whether or not that's actually true is irrelevant, you just don't want people to think you don't have many customers because that might make them worry; they might think that your business is unreliable because, surely, if a business were good and reliable it would have hundreds of customers? I know that that's not always true, but it's what a customer might think!


So something you might like to try is commenting on your own pieces of content. Of course, you mustn’t just make it obvious that you are commenting on your own things; create a fake user name and use that as your commenting alter-ego, maybe even create a few of these alter-egos! Persuade friends and other employees of the business to comment too; to a customer visiting the site, they won't realise that these comments are not natural. People are also more likely to comment on something if there are already some comments there. Sometimes all you need is to get the ball rolling with a comment of your own. Whatever you do, I hope that your content will help to bring new people to your eCommerce website.

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