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By Adam  |  20 Oct 2015 13:00:00

Content marketing is the new big thing that a lot of businesses are talking about (and doing) online. But do you know what it is? There's no shame if not. Maybe your business has only just gone online and you don't really know all that much about the internet or maybe marketing is simply not your strongest point. It's fine, it's understandable. In this blog post I'm going to explain the concept of content marketing and then hopefully you'll gain a strong enough understanding to implement a content marketing plan for your own business.


To put it quite simply, content marketing is when you create content for your business which you hope people will enjoy. The most common form that content marketing takes is that of a blog; if you write a blog post once every week and cover lots of subjects that are related to your business, then you will slowly use more and more keywords which will mean you'll pop up in more and more Google searches. The people who find you in their regular internet searches will, hopefully, be the people who might buy from you. This also ensures that people keep returning to your site as well; if you have a steady supply interesting blog posts, it will mean that people will want to return to see what else you've had to say.


Content doesn't just have to be text, either. A lot of content marketing is image or graphic based. This often works especially well when used in conjunction with social media marketing; people like to see images shared and your posts are much more likely to catch a person's eye if they are accompanied by flashy images. Whether it’s an image or a blog post, however, make sure that it has a standalone value and is not just an obvious piece of advertisement; this is the secret of content marketing. I hope this has proved to be a useful introduction and that you will be able to implement a good content marketing strategy for your own website.

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