Cross Selling Your Products

By Adam  |  26 Jul 2015 12:00:00

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about how Up Selling could prove to be a useful marketing technique. If you've not read it yet, you should do so now as it might be quite interesting to you. Anyway, if you didn't know about Up Selling, it's likely that you also didn't know about a similar technique known as Cross Selling. If you're able to implement an Up Selling system on your eCommerce website, you are likely to be able to implement Cross Selling too as it is a fairly similar idea.


What Cross Selling is, is suggesting related products to a customer as soon as they start to initiate their transaction. For example, if they were offering a battery operated alarm clock which didn't come with batteries, then with Cross Selling you could recommend that they buy some batteries that you also happen to sell. Or if you sold a pair of trousers with a certain pattern on them, you could sell a shirt with that same pattern! It doesn't need to be things which are inherently linked, you can use your own judgement to decide what a customer might also like, if they like the product they are planning on buying. It can't hurt to make suggestions like this, because you already know that somebody is planning to buy from you, so you may as well ask them if they want something else as well!


So Cross Sell certainly does stand to be quite beneficial to you. You may not make an additional sale every time, but so what? Sometimes you will and these times will all eventually add up. Maybe somebody agrees with your Cross Selling every now and then; in a lifetime they'll probably buy quite a few more additional things from you. Now think of how many times people might make purchases when you take all of your customers into consideration. So if you have the resources, implement Cross Selling now!

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