Customer Giveaways

By Adam  |  30 May 2016 12:00:00

If you're looking to increase traffic and incentivise sales on your eCommerce website, you might like to start offering customer giveaways. While it may sound counterintuitive, occasionally offering things for free might help to give your site just the boost that you'd hoped for – but of course, you have to be sure that you're acting in moderation and not doing anything which could be a detriment. So here are some of the best ways and the best times for you to offer giveaways to your customers.


Social media is one of the places that you'll find businesses offering giveaways most often. If you write “Like and share this post to be in with a chance of getting [product name] for free!” then you'll encourage people to engage with your posts, which will then help as many people as people to see them. What's more is that a social media giveaway will also encourage people to follow your accounts because they'll want to see as many posts like as possible. If somebody found out about, and got excited for, one of your products through a social media promotion, they might then choose to buy it - especially if you try to tie it into current events and national holidays. Furthermore, by offering giveaways, you're making your business look good in the eyes of prospects, which will encourage them to choose you over competitors.


This can prove to be a good form of marketing and so if you were hoping to find a new way to promote your eCommerce website, hopefully this will be useful. You don't have to use social media to offer your giveaways either, just advertising on your site, or even in any marketing emails, could be just as effective. However you ultimately try to promote your eCommerce website, I hope that it will be a good success! But if you don't yet have a website on which to sell your products, then sign up to RomanCart now – it's a great way to turn any website into an online shop.

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