Data Driven Marketing

By Adam  |  11 Dec 2015 12:00:00

Marketing your eCommerce website is something that can be quite tricky. How can you decide what's best to do? How can you determine what will persuade your customers to make more purchases? Well, if they've purchased from you in the past, then you will already have a little information on them. The more times they make purchases, the more information you get and the more information you have, the better you can tailor your marketing scheme. This approach is called data driven marketing.


Let me give you a fairly simple example of data driven marketing: if you're writing regular newsletters, then you are likely going to want to write them to coincide with current affairs and events. When Thanksgiving comes along, you'll write a Thanksgiving themed newsletter, but it wouldn't be appropriate to send this to any customers you may have living in the UK because Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the UK. If UK customers get a Thanksgiving newsletter, they may well unsubscribe from your mailing list. So then what you could do is have a list of all your American customers so that the Thanksgiving newsletter would go specifically to them. Though this is a very simple example, I think it demonstrates the principle very well.


When you put a lot of hard work into data driven marketing, you could potentially go so far as to have marketing specifically tailored to individual customers; this would be the most effective marketing you could possibly produce. The problem is that it is very hard work to get your marketing to that level, so take small steps. Analyse the data you have on your customers and identify groups within them which can be marketed too specifically, make the experience feel more personal for everyone. Whatever you do, I hope your marketing will be a success and that your eCommerce website is able to reach lots of people.

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