Driving Sales in Content

By Adam  |  15 Jul 2016 12:00:00

You want your blogging to get you some-a this.

One struggle which every content marketer will know, is getting the balance just right when trying to make a piece of content both informative and enjoyable to read. On the one hand, you're keen for your writing to be enjoyable and informative and your inner artist will get quite fond of a piece and not want to stuff it with sales incentives - on the other hand, this is business: if something isn't going to make you any money, what is the point in it? It won't really be aiding the business, so sales-driven content might look like it is the best from this perspective.


It's a tough decision and there's not necessarily a right or wrong answer - perhaps you're a sales mastermind and you are able to make loads of conversions from a simple blog post, that would be great but this is rare. My personal suggestion would be to err on the side of making the blog posts informative and entertaining because if you write blog posts which people will actually enjoy, they'll consistently return to you in the hope of finding more interesting content in future. Then, to ensure that you get the sales aspect in there, I think it's best to just add an additional paragraph to the bottom which is driven towards making sales, this will be just as effective, if not more so, as a post which is specifically geared towards sales.


So I hope that helps to give you some idea about what to do with your internet content. Think about what you read online: it's things that might be interesting or useful, isn't it? You don't click on articles which have so obviously been written to get you to buy something, do you? So why would your customers? Good, well written content can be an excellent way to bring traffic to your site and that's not even going in to all of the SEO benefits! So keep this in mind and good luck with your content marketing campaign.

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