Easter eCommerce

By Adam  |  29 Jan 2016 12:00:00

I recently spoke a little about preparing your eCommerce website for Valentine's Day, which is probably the next big eCommerce event of the year, but now I'd to take a step past that and talk about Easter. Easter is going to be on Sunday the 17th of March this year and is another time when you really stand to see a good increase in sales if you adopt an appropriate marketing strategy. I'd like to go over some of the items that might appeal to people and some of the ways you can market your business in the build up to Easter this year.


There are several important things to remember about Easter: people buy lots of chocolate and people have time off work. If you sell chocolate, that’s excellent because you will easily benefit from an increase in sales! Just market the chocolate in an Eastery way (along with chicks and rabbits) and use social media to make sure everybody sees the images you create. If you have some especially delicious looking chocolates, you can make them look really tasty and then post images on social media just before lunch time; at that time of day people are hungry and more likely to be on social media! If possible, you should get some chocolate eggs in too. You also need to remember that, since people are much more likely to be at home and online over Easter, they are also much more likely to be buying things from eCommerce websites. No matter what you sell, you could advertise products by offering them for less as part of an Easter sale. Plus, of course, this is a time when people often visit family and some relatives might like to give their children more gifts than just chocolate, so if you sell toys or anything else which children might like, then be sure to shine the spotlight onto those things as Easter draws nearer!


I hope this has given you some idea of how Easter might see your sales spike and also what you can do to encourage that. Whatever you decide to do over the Easter period this year, I hope that you will be able to make an increase in sales and that your eCommerce website will continue to prosper!



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