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By Adam  |  6 Dec 2015 12:00:00

If you want to have a successful eCommerce business, then one thing you're going to need to invest time in is marketing. The internet provides you with several viable avenues which can be taken for marketing (such as social media marketing and content marketing) and in today's blog post I'd like to go over one of the oldest and most reliable forms of internet marketing: email marketing. There are lots of different things you can do with email marketing and if you're not sure what to do, hopefully this blog post will be helpful.


The most common form of email marketing is the newsletter. If you can get people to sign up to your business's newsletter then you can send out a periodical email newsletter (be it weekly, monthly, fortnightly) which will cover all of the current promotions you're offering, all your latest products as well as interesting pieces of content related to industry news and so forth. Well written newsletters could really stand to encourage a lot of sales. But how do you get people to sign up to your newsletter? Well, you just need to be sure to ask them as many times as possible; they will already have to enter their email address if they make a purchase, so that could be a chance to 'bake two loaves with one dough' and ask them if they’d mind going on your mailing list. You could also try doing some email sweepstakes, where one person on your mailing list will be randomly selected and receive a prize.


Getting somebody on your mailing list will mean that you can regularly remind them of your business whenever they check their inbox. If you're always at the back at their mind through means like this, who do you think they'll turn to when they want to buy something? You can also try other methods, such as sending out abandonment emails which are emails sent to people who started the transaction process and then unexpectedly stopped (and which can be done with the higher RomanCart package). As you can see, emails can be great marketing tools and I hope that this blog posts has given you some ideas.

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