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By Adam  |  3 Aug 2015 10:00:00

If you had your own website (maybe something entertainment based) and you built up quite an audience over a period of time, it's possible that you would be trying to think of ways to make a bit of money from your website (which clearly is already useful to lots of people). You might then turn to RomanCart; RomanCart gives you the ability to turn your website into an eCommerce website. But what if you just built up a website specifically to be used with RomanCart and you don't yet have any large number of visitors to your site? Is there still something in it for you?


Well, yes, of course there is! RomanCart not only gives you the power to sell things on your website, but it also gives you everything you need to market that eCommerce website. Most significantly, RomanCart gives you email marketing tools and I want to go over their value in this blog post. Firstly, email marketing provides a great way to keep in touch with existing customers; if you sent out a newsletter every couple of weeks, or every month (or at some other interval) each newsletter would be a reminder to your old customers that you are still around; you could use it to draw their attention to your new products and/or current ongoing sales to encourage purchases. You can also report on current affairs in areas of news related to your business and cement yourself as an authority in the industry; this will make them trust you and feel that you are a good business to turn to. That's not to mention that it will be a great way to alert customers to your social media presence, which, once you've attracted a few people, can then be used to reach even more!


So keep in mind that email marketing is extremely useful. All I've really covered in this blog post is writing newsletters, but you can approach prospects, send abandonment emails and so much more with our marketing tools. So if you're using one of the bigger RomanCart packages, and you haven't been making use of the email marketing features, why not start to do so now! It will be worth your time.

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