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By Adam  |  15 Jul 2015 12:00:00

Do you use WordPress? Are you a blogger who has built up a reasonably sized audience? Are you starting to wonder about ways you can make some money from your WordPress site? If the answer to those questions is 'yes' than RomanCart could prove to be a very useful service for you. We offer software which can turn any website into an online shop and we have an app which makes RomanCart fully compatible with WordPress. So if you do want to make money from your WordPress blog, this could be just the route for you to take!


But, if you hadn't considered it before, you might not be sure what products would really be appropriate, so I will go over some ideas now. One option could be to make merchandise to tie in with your blog. If you're writing is very personality driven and you have developed a lot of fans for you work specifically, maybe a shirt with an image and a quote from one of your best posts would be appropriate? Hoodies and mugs are also commonly used for similar merchandise purposes. There are a lot of services out there which will make these products on demand, so you could start offering these things without even really needing to buy anything.


Furthermore, if you write reviews, why not sell the products you are reviewing? Of course, it wouldn't do to try and sell products which you are reviewing negatively, but if you write a very positive review of something, you could then make a big point of the fact that you have the item on sale, which is going to encourage people to buy it. If you are so passionate about something that you decided to offer it up on your own website for sale, that's going to impress people and hopefully persuade purchases.


Whatever the subject matter of your blog, there'll be something you can sell on it and it could be a great way to turn a hobby into a source of income. So if you think that sounds like something you might like to do, sign up for RomanCart and reap the rewards of the eCommerce business.

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