Facebook Down

By Adam  |  29 Sep 2015 13:00:00

As I am sure regular users of social media will know, over the space of the last week Facebook crashed twice, making it impossible for anybody to use for a while. This was met with a lot of anger from people who had been using it at the time and who found themselves suddenly unable to continue with what they were doing. It was only down for very brief windows of time, but this still caused a considerable degree of outrage. So what can we learn from this incident?


Well, firstly, it shows just how angry people can get if they're unable to access the websites they like when they want to. People actually flocked to Twitter in order to express their frustration... Twitter being one of their main competitors for being the 'go to' social media website. So imagine if somebody headed to your eCommerce website and found that it was down; might they not then just go to your competitors instead? And what if they liked them so much that they always decided to use them instead of you in future? It might sound rash, but it's a decision which I can very easily see somebody taking in that situation.


What else can you learn from this? Well, while Facebook is down people will be trying to find other ways to pass their time on the internet; and the thing they choose to do could be to buy from your website! If you're on other social media outlets, at times when Facebook does go down you could try your hardest to persuade people to visit your eCommerce website; maybe, for example, you could offer some kind of flash sale! I expect that a lot of eCommerce transactions were carried out while Facebook was offline.


So keep these things in mind in future. Hopefully you can avoid your own website going down and you can make the most of it the next time Facebook does. I wish you all the best and growing success with your eCommerce website!

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