By Adam  |  15 Jan 2016 12:00:00

Social media marketing and content marketing are both important things to do when marketing any business, but especially an online one. The problem is that you'll always need a fresh supply of things to say or things to share. Let's say you're on three different social media sites and each one of them needs two or three posts a day; even if you post the same things on the different social media pages (and it is best to have a variety) that's still a lot of things to keep up with and then you also need to consider that you'll also need to be coming up with more comprehensive things to say on your blog! It's a lot of work.


Well, to make your marketing just a little easier, there are businesses such as Feedly. Feedly was specifically designed to help people find things to say in their blogs and on their social media feeds. What Feedly does is gives you a feed of all the latest news stories, social media posts and blog entries which will be of interest to you. You just let it know which blogs you’re interested in, which social media pages you're interested in and what kind of news you want to see. With Feedly you'll always have a fresh source of things to share on your social media pages or write about on your blog. What's more is that it is completely free to use, though there are also paid packages, if you want a more comprehensive service.


So hopefully this will come in handy for anybody who finds their marketing a little difficult. Feedly is one of the best ways to keep up with what's going on online and is likely to be very useful to a range of marketers. Social media marketing and content marketing can both be extremely effective, so this could be a great chance for you to finally get started with your online marketing campaign.

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