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By Adam  |  1 Jul 2016 12:00:00

Content marketing is vitally important to anybody who runs an eCommerce website - whether you're just fully optimising the content on your homepage or are trying hard to produce high quality blog posts, content is going to be something you should be very conscious of. "Content is king," they say and the reason they say it is because content is such an important factor to the algorithms which determine how highly your eCommerce website is going to rank in search results.

As content is so important, it's not uncommon for people to hire writers to meet their content needs. It takes a long time to produce high quality content, so for the owner of a business (who will have so many other tasks to take care of) hiring a freelance writer might be the only viable option. If you look online, you are bound to find a large number of writers who are keen for work, but you must be careful because scammers will claim to be writers and then sell you stolen content. When you do hire a new writer, you should run their content through Copyscape, as this free tool can let you know whether a piece of content has previously appeared elsewhere on the internet or not.


Another useful thing that you can use Copyscape for, is checking to see whether your own content is being stolen by others - if you run through a blog post which you know you wrote, then you can check to see whether it has been published anywhere else on the web. If it has, then you can contact those other sites directly and ask them to take it down or contact a higher authority. This sort of thing is important because search engines will penalise for websites with unoriginal content, so keep this in mind as a good security measure for your content marketing.

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