By Adam  |  2 May 2016 12:00:00

Loyalty schemes are a good way for you to encourage people to keep returning to your eCommerce website. The most common form of loyalty scheme is that of the rewards card, but things don't need to be done in that very conventional way. One form of loyalty rewards which has been growing in popularity recently is gamification. For today's blog post I would like to go over the idea of gamification and how it can help to incentivise sales.


So what is gamification? Well, quite simply it is the process of turning online shopping into a game. Of course it would be entirely optional, but users would have the opportunity to create some kind of avatar which can be attached to their account - this avatar could then level up with every purchase they make. What these avatars do could vary: perhaps they could fight against each other? That could be a fun little game which customers could be persuaded to invite their friends to join in on. Or maybe there could be some kind of levels for these avatars to go through to win points - points which can be transfer to real money! It would be a fun alternative to generic points on a rewards card and customers might really appreciate that.


Bear in mind that if you wanted to do any form of gamification on your eCommerce website, you'd need a certain level of technical knowledge - this is certainly not something anybody could do! But if you think it's within your level of know-how, then gamification is really something you should try out! It's a tried and tested method. But however you decide to promote your eCommerce website, I hope that it will be successful and you'll find yourself making lots of sales. If you’ve already got a site ready to start selling on, sign up to RomanCart and start selling today!

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