Get Ahead By Selling on Facebook

By Adam  |  17 Jul 2015 10:00:00

It's been in the news lately that Facebook is planning to start offering a paid service to those with business pages; this new paid service will give you the ability to sell items directly through your Facebook page. This sounds great! Now when people come to your Facebook page they won't have to click through to your website if they want to make a purchase, they can do it directly on your page. You could make a post about a sale and in a couple of clicks a customer will have their order on the way. If that's not satisfaction, I don't know what is. It sounds like a great way to spend your money, doesn’t it?


Apart from the fact that RomanCart already provides you with this service. Yes, that's right! It seems that we were quite ahead of the game this time because for a while now we've offered an app which lets you sell directly on Facebook. As I mentioned above, this is an incredibly useful thing to be able to do, because then your marketing tool is essentially selling the product itself. If somebody likes one of your Facebook posts and is interested in buying the product, they can do so instantly! It cuts out the middle man and in today's technological age, people are always very keen to get things done as quickly and conveniently as possible.


So, of course, if and when this new Facebook feature does launch, it certainly won't be of any use to you RomanCart users. If you're in the planning stages of putting together an eCommerce website, then you might well be thinking of getting RomanCart. This would be a good idea because, not only does RomanCart let you sell on Facebook, it also lets you sell over WordPress, it lets you sell over Twitter, it gives you the tools you need for email marketing, it optimises your site so that it can be used for mobile shops too and much more. It provides you with the software you need to turn your website into an eCommerce website and is well worth the money.

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